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Natural resources represent the natural goods that humans utilize for their needs. The processing of natural resources receive different products. Natural resources are divided into renewable and non-renewable. Renewable resources include resources that have the ability to regenerate (forests, water, fish stocks). However, if they are exploited faster than they are replenished it comes to their exhaustion. On the other hand non-renewable natural resources (minerals, oil can be recovered in nature, that comes to their extreme exhaustion. Sustainable use of natural resources is their planned, rational use so you do not come to disruption of natural ecosystems and disabling these natural resources to use future generations.

Water as the most basic living matter is essential for wildlife, ecosystems and the planet Earth. Water molecules represent the liquid which is valuable for solution and transport of such substances through ecosystems and through the body. In the body, the water is the ideal environment for carrying out the processes necessary for normal functioning. Despite the role that water has to maintain life functions, for a man that has a major role as a source of energy and raw material used for hygienic purposes, in agriculture, in transport, fishing and recreation.


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