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The water volunteer participates and contributes to the completion of a series of actions aimed at the promotion of the area, protect the environment through multiple actions winning:

• Experience: professional experience in the field that interests them,
cooperation experience, work experience, professional
• Creative activities: leisure
• Certification / recognition: grant certificate (voluntary
service) to the offered work in a constitutive structure
letter confirming the potential and specific
offer all interested parties, references, scholarships
their further training and organization of events in honor /
initiatives / responsibilities / nominal supply /
• Staff time: relations with other people, contact with
different cultures, collaborative environment, managing individual
time, breaks, training, training.
• Education: non-formal education, expertise, improvement
• Participation in activities of structures with project staff.
Participation in seminars, training sessions, events which
organizes the structure or where the structure receives information from
other bodies.
• Public relations: cruising on a personal level, networking with
other people with common concerns, problems, ideas, mood.
• Compensation / Compensation in kind: when and where possible,
symbolic or entirely. The use / PC / internet / tel. / Fax /
library (if any) for personal use, feature matching
a work piece with himself.

If you wish to become a volunteer at Waternet, you can fill in the application which is the Application Form:

Then the head of the Volunteer Department will contact you. Thank you and waiting for you!

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